Current Students

View your grades online

  • Log into MyPortal using your CWID (College-wide ID) and password.
  • Your password is automatically set to your CWID + your six-digit birth date (e.g. July 6, 1988 = 070688). You may change your password after your initial login. Make a note of your password as you will need it to drop and add courses, and to check your grade at the end of the term. If you forget your password, please contact the Summer Sessions office at 843.953.4831.
  • After you change your password, click on "continue."
  • Select "grades" under "student records" (If the page does not display the summer term with your grade, click on "select term" at the top of the page and choose the term.)
  • If you have problems, contact the Summer School office at 843.953.4831.

Drop or Withdraw from a Course

If you use the MyPortal student portal, you may:

  • drop a class or classes during the official summer drop/add period
  • voluntarily withdraw from a course before the official withdrawal deadline. In this case, the grade of "W" will be entered on your record. However, the "W" will not affect your GPA.


Contact us at 843.953.4831.

Course Withdrawal Deadlines

Course withdrawal deadlines are not related to the summer tuition refund period deadlines.

Session Deadline
  Maymester Friday, May 24
  Extended Summer Monday, June 10
  Summer I Monday, June 24
  Summer II Wednesday, July 24