Application Procedures

Enrolled College of Charleston Students

Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students

If you have been accepted as a degree-seeking freshman or transfer student for Fall 2021, you should:

  1. Speak with an academic advisor starting April 30.
  2. Complete a summer visiting student application after you have been advised.

Visiting Students - Undergraduate

A visiting student is:

  • enrolled at a university other than the College of Charleston (either in the U.S. or outside the country) and plans to take coursework at the College during the summer only.
  • College of Charleston alum who has already earned their degree.
  • College of Charleston student who will have earned their degree prior to the start of summer sessions.
  • a newly admitted freshman who wishes to enroll in a summer course before the fall semester of their freshman year

In order to enroll, do the following:

  1. Apply and upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts with your summer visiting student application
  2. After we have processed your application (process takes up to 5 business days), we will send your MyCharleston portal login credentials to the email address listed on the application. Once you have received your MyCharleston login credentials, you will need to complete your summer financial responsibility form, located under the “My Forms” tab of MyCharleston.
  3. Submit your Verification of Lawful Presence information after you recieve your MyCharleston login credentials
  4. Once steps 1-3 have been completed, our office will finalize your application and send you an admissions decision via email to the email address listed on your application. The student is then permitted to register for coursework by contacting the department(s) of the course(s) they wish to enroll in over the summer by using the College's site index.

Note: If you are a U.S. citizen and have completed the FAFSA, you may skip this step.

If you are a U.S. citizen but have not submitted a FAFSA form, submit your Verification of Lawful Presence online.

If you are a Visiting International Student - that is, an international student who is not currently enrolled at the College of Charleston:

  • Contact the Center for International Education ( for a “document check” before you register for summer coursework.
  • If you do not have a U.S. social security number, email and a representative will help you locate your College-Wide Identification Number(CWID).

Other Enrollment Types

Auditing a Class

  • If you audit a class, you won’t receive a grade or credit hours. However, there will be a record of your participation on your College of Charleston transcript.
  • To register for class, follow the same procedures and deadlines you would if you were taking a class for graded credit.
  • Complete the Permission to Audit Request Form. Have the form signed by the course instructor on the first day of class and return it to the Office of the Registrar during the drop/add period.
  • Payment is due upon registration.

Note: Tuition is the same whether you audit a class or take a course for graded credit.

Dual Enrolled High School Students

A rising high school junior or senior must:

  • submit a copy of their high school transcript (unofficial is acceptable), and a letter from their principal or guidance counselor stating that the student is in good academic standing and can enroll in college-level coursework.
  • complete the summer visiting student application.

New Nondegree-seeking Adult Students

  • New nondegree students are students who hold a high school diploma (or equivalent diploma) and have not been dismissed from any college/university, and have not been denied admission to the College of Charleston.
  • Follow the application directions for visiting students (undergraduate).

Senior Citizens

  • If you are 60 years old or older and are a resident of South Carolina, you can enroll in classes with the 60+ Tuition Exemption Program at the College of Charleston. You can audit courses for personal enrichment or enroll in courses for credit. NOTE: Performance-based courses must be taken for credit.
  • Registration (on a space-available basis) takes place on the day after the drop/add period for each term. Check the academic calendar for dates.
  • During registration, you will meet with an advisor and register for available courses.
  • Pay a $50.00 registration fee (and any applicable course fees) at the Treasurer’s Office.
  • You do not have to pay tuition, but you will be responsible for the costs of books and course fees where applicable.

Graduate Students

If you want to enroll in graduate-level coursework during the summer, contact the Graduate School office.